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Sai Kung
for all seasons

HKD $280

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Welcome to Sai Kung, the ‘other’ Hong Kong, centerpiece of a swathe of great beauty that’s a world away from one of the densest and busiest conurbations on earth. A small town with a village feel, it engenders a deep spirit of belonging into which generations of locals and long-term expatriates are firmly fixed. Sai Kung For All Seasons started as a vague photographic curiosity and developed – by way of local tales and enthusiasms – into an inspired love affair with a stunning natural environment encompassing ancient customs and superstition, modernity and intriguing history. Brilliant blue waters dominated by vast green hills provide an atmospheric setting for some surprising temples and old Chinese village architecture, along with a sprinkling of interesting restaurants and laid-back watering holes. For those seeking something different, Sai Kung is undeniably a colourful alternative – and with a dedicated community that wouldn’t have it any other way.

Stephen Vines 978-988-15562-5-7 2012 22.1cm (H) x 21.6cm (W)