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Our stable of authors

FormAsia’s dedicated team believes in the power of the picture and the potency of the pen. Our publications combine richly reproduced pictorial content with eloquent essays by respected international authors who have either worked or lived in Asia most of their lives.

Peter Moss

Peter Moss arrived in Hong Kong in 1965, anticipating a brief sojourn before continuing the peripatetic wanderings that had already taken him overland from England back to India, where he was born, and then by sea to Malaya where, as a journalist, he covered the first years of independence and the last years of the Emergency. He spent his time commuting between what has become Malaysia and what tenaciously remains Hong Kong, regarding these as the alpha and omega of his Asian experience.

Pete Spurrier

Pete Spurrier, a London-born writer and editor, arrived in Hong Kong in 1993 after following the Silk Road overland from Turkey to China. Almost all his spare hours since then have been spent exploring the villages, hills and bays of Hong Kong’s wild side. In 1999 he co-founded the magazine Town Crier, and his guided hikes have appeared in that publication and in the Post Magazine.Pete lives in Sai Ying Pun with a kind-hearted family of geckos.

Peter Sherwood

Peter Sherwood has climbed a little in the Himalayas and elsewhere, and feels fortunate to have spent time in the company of a number of elite Everest guides. Among them Dave Hahn and Eric Simonson, members of the 1999 expedition that found the body of George Mallory, lost on Everest for 75 years. Also Rob Hall, the New Zealand guide who lost his life so dramatically in the 1996 disaster. And Pete Athans, who played a vital role in the rescue of climbers badly injured in that terrible event. Sherwood is a Hong Kong-based columnist, communications consultant and author of a dozen books.

Sherry Lee

Sherry Lee was born and grew up in Hong Kong. A journalistic career that began with her graduation, with a Master’s Degree in Journalism, from the University of Hong Kong, has seen her working for Wharf Cable TV, Hong Kong Standard, and currently as senior features writer with the South China Morning Post. Sherry is particularly passionate in writing about people who struggle against great odds, as a result of which she has won the Human Rights Press Awards of 2002, 2001 and 1999. Past and Present draws upon her life, her experiences and her memories of Hong Kong over a particularly eventful and dramatic period of its history.

Stella Dong

Stella Dong is the author of Shanghai: The Rise and Fall of a Decadent City” (William Morrow). A Chinese-American, she has written in the fields of art, literature and travel for various American and British publications. Born in Seattle, Washington, Dong graduated from Wellesley College and the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.

Jonathan Fenby

Jonathan Fenby is a distinguished international writer and journalist who formerly edited the Observer newspaper in London and the south China Morning Post in Hong Kong during the former colony’s crucial years when Hong Kong was returned to China. He has written books on china, including an acclaimed biography of Chiang Kai-shek, a history of Republican china and books on France and Second World War topics. He travels to china often, and has specialized in its history prior to the Communist Victory in 1949. He was made a Commander of the British empire (CBE) and Knight of the French Order of Merit for services to journalism.

Nigel Cameron

Nigel Cameron, historian and art critic, has written extensively on Asian civilisations and their art. Among his numerous books are Barbarians and Mandarins, and an Illustrated History of Hong Kong published by the Oxford University Press. For over twenty years he was Art Critic for the South China Morning Post. During his more than forty years of living in Hong Kong he has sourced and curated over 100 exhibitions drawn from the arts of Asia and many countries round the world.

David Clive Price

David Clive Price was born in London and studied history at Cambridge and in Italy, where he farmed olives and began to write. Among his books are the novel Alphabet City, and the travel books The Other Italy, Travels in Japan, and Between Two Seas: A Journey into South Korea.He now spends much of his time writing fiction, as well as essays on Asia travel destinations, cultures and cuisine.

Harry Rolnick

Resident in Asia and East Europe for two decades, Harry Rolnick has written books on culture, cuisine and lifestyles, including a history of Macau, The Romance of Coffee, and travels in Thailand. His stories have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, Travel & Leisure, The International Herald Tribune, Ms and USA Today, with contributions to the Lonely Planet guides. Currently, Rolnick edits Asia’s Symphony Magazine from his native New York.

May Holdsworth

May Holdsworth was born in Shanghai and educated in Malaysia and England. She began her publishing career as a graduate trainee with Cambridge University Press in London. After moving to Hong Kong in 1977, she found opportunities to travel extensively in China. Her first publications were travel guides to Beijing, Jiangsu and Sichuan. She was also a contributor to Asiaweek and the Far Eastern Economic Review. Subsequently she published two books on the Forbidden City, Adorning the Empress (FormAsia), The Hong Kong Story and Foreign Devils: Expatriates in Hong Kong. She lives in Hong Kong.

Lynn Pan

Lynn Pan, who was born in Shanghai and now lives there, has worked as a psychologist, journalist and historian in England, Switzerland, Finland, Hong Kong and Singapore. Her publications include China’s Sorrow (1985), The New Chinese Revolution (1987), Sons of the Yellow Emperor (winner of the 1992 Martin Luther King Memorial Prize), Tracing it Home (1994) and The Encyclopedia of the Chinese Overseas (1999).

Stephen Vines

Stephen Vines is a Hong Kong based writer and journalist. He has also worked in Asia for The Guardian‚ The Daily Telegraph‚ and The Independent‚ and was a consultant editor for The Asia Times.

Trea Wiltshire

Trea Wiltshire was born in China, grew up in Africa and has worked as a journalist in the United Kingdom, Australia and Hong Kong. She has written books on China, Bali, the Seychelles and the wine region of Margaret River. Trea lives in Perth. She was the former editor of UNIVIEW, a magazine for The University of Western Australia.

Dr Peter Cunich

When a teaching post at the university of Hong Kong beckoned in 1993 Peter left Cambridge and has been a resident ever since. Although his main field of research is late medieval monastic history, he has taken a keen interest in the history of Hong Kong. Dr Cunich is the director of HKU’s Centenary History Project.

Fergal Keane

Fergal Keane is one of BBC’s best-known correspondents. He has won awards from the Royal Television Society and the British Academy of Film and Television Arts among others. He also won the George Orwell prize for his book on the Rwandan genocide. He was awarded an OBE for his services to television journalism. Fergal lives in Ireland with his wife, son and daughter.